Work as usual, search faster

A better organized search history

Increase your productivity with event-based history. With APH you can see not only the pages you have visited but also when you have changed tabs, all sorted chronologically.


Add notes to any website

Remember the most important things about each web page. With APH you can add notes to any website so you never have to remember what you looked for the last time.


All organized by projects

Organize your work by projects. With APH you can organize both your history and your notes by projects so that all your information doesn't end up mixed up.


Completely free

Need more projects?

No problem. You can subscribe to the premium version for 4.99€ per month and unlock 500 projects. Do you want to unsubscribe? Don't worry, you won't lose your data but you won't be able to add more projects if you exceed the 3 free ones.
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